Nintendo: Miyamoto’s Personal Thought Police

The year is 2008, famed game creator Shigeru Miyamoto lives a life of silence. Silence brought forth by his taskmasters at Nintendo. According to secret information smuggled by special agents from The Times Online, Miyamoto is banned from publicly speaking about any of his hobbies. Games like Wii Fit, Zelda, Pikmin, and Wii Music are past games inspired by his hobbies.

It’s not that they are naughty, illegal or even nerdish, it’s just that any glimpse inside his head could be worth billions. Particularly so now: the Wii still sells strongly around the world, but its successor is the talking point. Unfortunately, the only place where the discussion has any grounding is inside Mr Miyamoto’s head.

Actually this makes complete sense. Since many successful first party titles are created by him. Any glimpse into his imagination could be a disaster for Nintendo. By banning him from speaking about his hobbies, they can keep their competitive edge when it comes to producing creative new games.

However, at the same time, it must be strange to be “banned” from speaking about your personal hobbies by the company that you work for. If I was in his shoes, I don’t know what I would do.

Source: The Times Online

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  • Steven Artlip

    I would be so screwed if that happened to me