This Weeks XBLA Titles: Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Fable 2 Pub Games

(Article)Available for 800 Microsoft points, Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a remake of the 80’s classic Bionic Commando with updated graphics, Live multiplayer support, co-op play and 50 different levels. Rearmed will also sports cross-game unlocks, where achievements earned in Rearmed will unlock goodies in the retail version of Bionic Commando.

Also available this Wednesday Fable 2 Pub Games that can be obtained for free as part of the Fable 2 pre-order promotion or can be purchased separately for 800 MS points. Comprised of Keystone, Fortune’s Tower and Spinner Box, these gambling games will let you earn gold that can be used in Fable 2.

If you a old school gamer and loved the 80s Bionic Commando. You may want to try Rearmed as its try’s to continues in the classics footsteps.

If you plan on picking up Fable 2 you may want to check out these pub games as they let you earn gold that can be used in the full game.

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  • Silverthorne

    Ah, Fable is now taking the Spore approach to game distribution: make some people pay twice for a utility (once before release, and again as part of the actual game.)