Batman Revealed for 2009

A new Batman original title will be released sometime in 2009,  Batman Arkham Asylum will be the new title and will be set in the infamous Arkham Asylum one of Gotham Citys darkest locations.  A prison transfer of the Joker goes wrong and the Joker sets after Batman, and Batman is faced with a army of his worst enemies.  This game has the setting for a true to character game and does not appear to be based on the comic with the same name. 

The game is being created by Rocksteady Studios,  and powered by Epic’s  Unreal Engine 3. This title is slated for the PS3, Xbox and the PC.

This one will be a must have for me not for being a Batman fan, but also the setting for this title has a interesting but weird place that sounds like it could offer some great gameplay.

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  • Sam_Levin

    hopefully it won't be a lame licensed game

  • Mr_B4

    I hope not either, because most licenesed games on superheroes are crap.

  • Mr_B4

    Interesting premise for a batman game, surprised they arent making a game based on the movie. Maybe it made too much money, lol.

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