Bungie Dropping Hints

When accepting an Edge Award for Halo 3, Bungie chose to accept with a machinima rather than in person. This choice seems to have been a conscious decision rather than a necessary option. Bungie’s acceptance video teased fans with a multiplayer map full of campaign NPCs. Could this be proof of a bots option coming to Halo 3? Some people sure think so.

I’m not so convinced.

However, the end of the video did show us something that we know we can look forward to: a holodeck style layout with a single piece of architecture. What does it all mean? My best guess is a new multiplayer level in the works. But what if it’s something more? Could we soon have new level-creation options that completely change the way Halo fans use Forge? This could tip the online multiplayer scales back towards Bungie and draw gamers away from CoD4. We’ll probably find out more at PAX, so stay tuned.

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