Lionhead explains how Fable 2 & Pub Games Interact

Tomorrow is August 13th, 2008. On the Xbox Live Arcade will have two games released. One of those games are going to be Fable 2 Pub Games, either for 800 Microsoft Points or free if you reserved a copy of the special edition.

I was searching all over the internet in a quest to obtain all gaming knowledge. Unfortunately, I failed in that quest. I was able to obtain this little tidbit of information from the fine folks over at Eurogamer. Until now, it was previous unknown how gold was going to transfer from the pub game into Fable 2.

  1. Pick a gambler to represent yourself. You can choose other gamblers by the names of Lynch, Poe, Maya, Daphne, and Mongo. You’re allowed to stick with one personality or switch between multiples.
  2. Gamble to your heart’s content, earning those achievements, waiting until the release of Fable 2 in October.
  3. Once you have Fable 2 in your grubby hands, create your hero and find a gamemaster either in a seedy tavern or down the winding path. Start a game variation that is offered by the gamemaster.
  4. After you start a game, you’ll be given an option to merge your hero with your gambler you created. Allowing you to all funds accrued from the game.

You are able to merge multiple gamblers with your hero. In addition, you can go back to the Live Arcade pub game with your merged character with the in game funds. Also, after the merged, it cannot be undone.

I am pretty excited about the release of the pub games, the future release of Fable 2, and this explaination helped me not worry about how the transfer will go down. From what I heard from other gamers was that gold was really hard to come by in Fable. Remember, those Pub Games come out tomorrow.

Source: Eurogamer

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  • Scott

    I think this is a great idea while waiting for a game to come out you can start earning gold for Fable II what will be next and for what games would this be good for besides Fable. Maybe CoD World at War you can go through basic training and start unlocking weapons for multiplayer before the game even comes out. Well we all have our hopes.

  • Jelloshotts

    This is a very fresh idea that they have. I guess we will see how it works when Fable 2 is actually out. My only worry is all companys are gonna start putting out games. That would stink cause in a mp game you would be way behind before the game was out.