Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update releases next Tuesday

Valve announced today that the “Heavy Update,” which it describes as “the largest update to Team Fortress 2 since it was first released,” will be rolling out via Steam next week, August 19. The Heavy-focused revision will bring with it new maps, new Achievements, new game modes and a special installment of the “Meet the Team” video series. We’re assuming that means the Heavy class will finally get his new weapon load out, as the Medic and Pyro have already done.

The developer is dolling out details on the Heavy Update throughout the week, with today’s news drip focusing on a new officially released community map. Steel, a capture map, was created by Jamie “Fishbus” Manson.

Details on how the Heavy will be updated in TF2 haven’t been revealed yet, but the goal, according to the game’s official blog, was to “make the Heavy more viable when he has no Medic to pair with.” Sounds, well, heavy. (Article)

I think its great that valve is keeping TF2 up to date and adding new things that will make the game more fun and interesting. I being the TF2 player I am can’t wait for the New Maps and Achievements, plus the New Game modes.

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  • Mr_B4

    I am definitely excited for this, TF2 is a very good MP game, and these add-ons can only make it that much better.

  • starcade

    TF2 is easily one of my favorite games, but of all the versions, I'm still partial to the 360 release over the PC/Steam version. Would love to see content updates appear there.