To Shoot In First Or Third

Activision has an issue here. The new James Bond game (That will be released in fall/winter of this year) Quantum of Solace can’t find which view to be played from. Play the game in first person or third? Activision asked the gamers what would be best for Bond. With a 60 to 40 percent first person won. Activision is still going to incorporate a little bit of third person though. The hand to hand fighting will be in third person.

Here is what I think. Ever since Splinter Cell, truly awesome stealth games have been hard to come by. I would prefer the game set in a third person view because; James Bond doesn’t really rely on guns, more gadgets. I got an idea for developers though; make a game in second person.

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  • Silverthorne

    Daniel Craig deosn't rely on gadgets; he relies on a silenced Walther PPK, a well timed punch, and an occaisonal jolt from a defibrilator to keep him alive. Bond games are shooters; plain and simple.