Wii Motion Plus: The Good, The Bad, and the Segmented.

With the announcement of the Wii Motion Plus now behind us, I’ve had time to think about how this will affect Nintendo’s casual gamer audience. Yes, I’m excited about the one to one precision of the device, but the way it’s going to be introduced into the market worries me and seems muddled.

This drudges up memories of Microsoft introducing so many SKUs, some with hard drives and some without. Developers having to adjust their games for consumers with only memory sticks. The motion plus might do the same. Many developers had no idea about the new add on. Think how much the Star Wars light saber game could have benefited from incorporating Wii motion plus into the games design.

When you get the device it will be a pack in with the new Wii Sports due out next year, but won’t you want to have more than just one? How will you play with friends? How expensive will it be when sold separately? Will a Wii-mote come out with Motion Plus built in? All questions waiting to be answered, but it’s still too early to make any finite judgments. Nintendo still has time to work these things out.

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  • Mr_B4

    i'm still on the fence about this new peripheral as well. While it is a cool idea, and i am also curious about how precise it is, the first game to show off its technology is Wii Sports Resort. If you are going to offer a party game that shows off your new technology, offer these four adapters with the game, and sell it at a regular retail price. Scene it did it, why cant Wii sports resort do it? It might cost somewhere around $10 or $15 seperately. I do like your idea of having one come out with the technology, and I do see nintendo doing that since it will update the technology of all of their controllers, but i also see them not doing it at the same, since it will cost them more money to do something like that. It would have been nice to see this technology implemented into the star wars game, TFU might not do it, but there is a chance that CW might be able to.