XBLRadio at PAX ‘08

Within weeks the Penny Arcade Expo will be upon us and the excitement just waiting for it to come, builds more and more…at least for me it does and I’m sure it’s the same for Infectedpb503. As you already know, XBLRadio will be there, but with new faces. Infectedpb503 and myself, X3R0 9, will be there bringing you all the scoop and content that you want. But we won’t be the only ones there from the wonderful community of Platform Nation. Members from The Gamers Pub, Gamehounds, Squad XP, The Married Gamer, and Platform Nation will also be in attendance at PAX. I would be nice and tell you who from each show is going, but why don’t you check out the shows to find out. And while you are there, leave some feedback for them. I’m sure they would love to hear from all of you.

Okay, back to XBLRadio being at PAX. What we are going to do is, ask you what you want more information about? Is there a game that interests you? Or, is there a game out there that you want more information on? Or how about, who do you want us to try to get an interview with? What do you want XBLRadio to report on? Of course we’re going to find answers to questions we have, but we’re also there to help get the word out to you.

We currently have an interview lined up to cover the following games: Need for Speed Underground, Rock Band 2, and Dead Space. We are also hoping to get interviews lined up for Spore, Mirror’s Edge, and Facebreaker.

Here is the list of who will be at PAX: Activision Antec, Inc. ATARI
Astro Gaming The Behemoth Bethesda Bioware
Blizzard Brawndo Bungie CCP/Whitewolf
CDV Cogswell Polytechnical College Cryptic Studios
D3P Destineer DigiPen Dolby
EA Mythic ECA (Entertainment Consumer’s Association) Electronic Arts Fantasy Flight Games
Flying Frog Productions Flying Lab Software Foundation 9 Entertainment Game Publishers Association
Gamecock Garage Games Guildhall at SMU Harmonix
Hothead Games Hudson The PAX 10 (Indie Game Competition) Indiecade
Intel ITT Tech Klei Entertainment Media-blasters NYC
Mega64 Meteor Games Microsoft (XNA winners: Ecocism) Microsoft
Midway Namco Bandai NCsoft Nintendo
Themis/Nokia Patriot Memory Pegasus Publishing Pink Godzilla
Plantronics Privateer Press Razer Rockstar SEGA Sierra/Vivendi Sony
SouthPeak Games Stardock Sumo Lounge Sweet Kitty
Telltale Games THQ Tinderbox Entertainment Tritton Technologies
Turbine Ubisoft Udon Entertainment / Oni Press Upper Deck
Valve Vivox Wahoo Studios/NinjaBee Wizards of the Coast

So what we would like from you is to either post your questions, concerns, or whatever you got for PAX in the comments or go to this forum post.

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