Brutal Legend: MTV Games Don’t Want Me, I’m Still Homeless.

I really feel for Tim Schafer, he seems to have really bad luck when it comes to his great games being published. What with the less than stellar publishing of Psychonauts by Majesco and the dropping of Brutal Legend by Activision. Apparently, from The Cut Scene, MTV games has best wishes but will not be publishing this game.

We are big fans of [Double Fine chief] Tim Schafer. We hope the game finds a good home.
That’s all they had to say, but my reading of “PR-ese” is that MTV considered publishing “Brutal Legend,” talked to Double Fine and its reps, but ultimately decided not to pick the game up and/or couldn’t reach a deal.

So where will “Brutal Legend” end up? With MTV out of the picture

I think Activision made a big mistake here. One of their biggest franchises is Guitar Hero. It has been said that there are parts of the game that require use of a guitar controller. I mean could this not be more obvious product synergy? Also, MTV games also made a big mistake since they could have published this game and linked it to Rockband.

I really hope this game gets picked up by some publisher out there. I remember reading an article in Game Informer and it looked really good back in the magazine.

Source: The Cut Scene

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