“Fable 2 Pub Games” Codes Broken

The idea seemed cool: release a gambling/casino minigame for Fable 2 months before the game’s release in order to allow players to build up their fortunes. But when dedicated Fable fans who pre-ordered the game went to enter their promotional codes in today, many got an “invalid code” error message. Major Neslon jumped on the issue early, alerting gamers through his blog that the codes were being sorted out and that all should be working as of late this afternoon.

Still, mess ups like this seem more and more common. Gamers want instant gratification, and I’m willing to bet a few people out there just trashed their code and moved on. These situations not only reflect poorly on Microsoft, but also Fable 2, its developer, and the retail outlets who distributed the codes.

Fable 2 hero art

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  • Kiousu

    You realize, of course, that the couple thousand people who are really excited for this game have been calling Microsoft all day, thus costing Microsoft millions. In support costs. not only are these blunders hurting their image, but costing them money and time. A reflection of the wise words, "Get it right the first time so you don't have to waste two years patching the darn thing."

  • Pub

    You people can't read cant you? They said pub games will go live August 13th, why is half of the population stupid?

  • Silverthorne

    Yesterday, the day the game released, was the 13th. People who purchased the game on XBLA had it work just fine; people who attempted to redeem promotional codes were having problems.