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Golf TIU

Simplicity has a beauty all its own, and so does an ‘inexpensive’ game.  Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) has been a prime place to find ‘pick up and play’ games for only a few bucks.  Golf: Tee It Up! can be placed in this category.

To start with, think Hot Shots Golf clone.  There is a create a character that is simple and limited, but has an Achievement tied to it that I found funny (and so did GUI J).  The characters are quite cartoony, much like Hot Shots Golf.  The full version of the game comes with only two 18 hole courses.  The controls hark back to the 3-click swing meter (tap-A to start, tap-A for top end of power, tap-A for accuracy of hit).  This is where I lost some interest in the game.  I fully expected to use an analog stick for the golf swing.  The swing meter in this game does not feel right.

The gimmick of Golf: TIU, is a slow-mo ball control, (which they call focus).  You are given a certain amount of time to direct the ball in mid air or during a putt.  You can also use it to show where the ball will go before you putt.  I found it much more useful during the putting.  Ultimately, this feature didn’t do much for me.

I played this game with my 2 children.  My son is about a week away from turning 9 and my daughter is about a month away from turning 7.  My son picked the game up and figured it out in about 4 holes, but my daughter just never quite got the swing meter, even after a decent time with the game.

The 4 player online play could be a save for this game.  If you like to chat and smack some balls with your buds, this could could be your hole-in-one on the cheap.  At 800 MS points ($10), it’s the expected price.  I’m not sure I would have paid that, but it was more fun than I expected.  I am concerned about downloadable content (DLC) and the price.  I’m sure there will be more courses, (which are needed), but I’m afraid the price may drive the game out of a realistic price range.

  • + 4-player online play
  • + Hot Shots clone
  • + Casual fun with friends
  • – Only 2 courses
  • – Poor swing meter

Pub Grade: C+

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