Summer of Arcade * Round 3 – Contests & Greatest Single XBLA Day! … EVER!

Well the countdown reached 0 and the day was finally here!

It started as any other Wednesday.  Might have gotten up a little earlier then normal, but just a little bit…

Why you ask?

Well I ask:  is this your first visit to  If it is welcome!  You picked a good day to stop by.  If its not though then you know why I sound so excited!  That’s right, today is the “day to end all days”!

And that’s what they call a “tease”!  So check out “the rest of the story” and start jumping for joy with me!

All together now!

That’s right!  The Fable 2 Pub Games are here!

What? Not what you thought I was going say?  Were we all expecting something else today?

Well don’t worry “the other game” will be discussed below.  But first…

If you pre-ordered Fable 2 (from specific retailers) you would have been given a card with a code to download these Pub Games.  If you haven’t, you still have time!  If you do not plan on pre-ordering Fable 2 then these will cost you 800 MS Points ($10 USD).

PUB GAME IMPRESSIONS (Fortunes Tower, Keystone, & Spinnerbox):

– Fortunes Tower:

Think reverse solitaire.  Where the total of the cards in a row is the offer from bank.  You’ll want to avoid pairs in consecutive rows as that ends your turn.

– Keystone:

Similar to craps.  In Keysone you play till, either, both keystones or base stones are removed.  You roll 3 dice and you can bet on the out come of each roll individually, as well as, the entire game.

– Spinnerbox:

Just as the title of the game says.  There is a box with multiple spinners built in.  You make a wager and spin the spinners in the box.  Depending on how many alike items appear is what the payout is based on.

S0, if you are even remotely thinking about getting Fable 2 go pre-order from your local Gamestop.  Make sure you get the pre-order bonus of a clamshell insert with the code to download these.  Heck what do you have to lose?  You can always return the pre-order tomorrow!

Although neither of my codes have worked as of yet!


As some of you know I have been eagerly awaiting this title from Capcom AND NOW ITS HERE!

I was up at 2am PST this morning downloading this gem of a game.  As some of you know I was going to try to get to 30,000 gamerscore with BCR.  But, alas, THIS IS A HARD GAME! and the achievements are even harder to get.

Well, let me rephrase that.  Most of the achievements are hard to get.  I started out trying to get the “Block 100 bullets with your arm” Achievement and did get it; at about block number 58!  Oops!

But back to the game.

This is what I remember video games being like!  Even on the easy setting it wasn’t always guaranteed you were going to finish the game and this is not exception.  Capcom has done a wonderful job with recreating Bionic Commando and even added a huge new feature with the “Challenge Rooms” (a VR training enviroment with timed online leaderboards).

i don’t want to spoil XBLRadio’s upcoming review of BCR so what I will say is that if you can’t wait for the winners to be annouced for this contest, I will understand!

This is the third week in the Summer of Arcade and with Geo Wars 2 and Braid currently topping the metacritic charts there may be some more company on the way!

As will all the Summer of Arcade Titles we here at XBLRadio will be giving away a couple of that weeks release.  This week is no different and therefore…



Prizes will be announced during Playapoolza ‘08

Come join me, INFECTEDPB503, as I participate in the 50 hour gaming marathon and get my hands on “The Dark Side” for the first time!  (Pray for my soul!)

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  • Mr_B4

    The Pub games are easy and fun, and BCR can sometimes be a royal pain, but is still a very fun game as well.

  • Burrens

    I've never played the original Bionic Commando so it would be very fitting if I would win a chance to play it.

  • Kosamus

    I'm getting my RRoD console back tomorrow from Microsoft! I really hope to win a new arcade game to play on my old friend.

  • Garrett

    Where oh where is the psn game.

  • Steven Artlip

    do I win anything?

  • Wriggy

    I tried the Bionic Commando Rearmed demo and loved it. Hopefully I will be able to get Fable II Pub Games code for free from somewhere. Good luck in the Playapoolza.

  • ColHartman

    I would love to WIN Bionic Commando please. Gamertag is Col Hartman