This Booth In Review – Bethesda

Today’s booth that I’m going to write about this Bethesda‘s booth. Bethesda was only showing one game this year at E3, I’m not really sure if you have ever heard of it but it was Fallout 3, our runner up for game of E3 2008.

Now as you walk into their booth they had a giant Brotherhood of Steel statue there on display next to a screen where they were showing some gameplay video of Fallout 3. They also had a nice little platter of snacks and fruit but that’s not what you guys want to know about, I know you want to know about Falllout 3, so let me get right into that.

So right after we walk into Bethesda’s booth we get invited to the back room to get some hands on time with what most are calling the best game at E3. This time I lucked out because out of the 3 of us, Desz, Edie and me, it was my turn to play, so I was able to jump on the game first.

The first thing I notice was how amazing everything looked in the game, the graphics were unbelievably sharp and crisp and the art style was fresh. The controls were really easy to pick up and play for someone like myself, an average gamer, I had no issues navigating around the world or adjusting my character. At this point I’m just pressing buttons and looking around, embracing the environment that is apart of the game.

So now I take my character and move him to this vault door and open it and then, wow…, I see outside for the first time. The world and views that I’m seeing now are breathtaking. Because of this I flagged down one of the developers and ask how big the world is here, I believe I was told around 10 times bigger then Oblivion which if you played it was extremely huge.

Alright so now I’m outside exploring everything (I’ll skip all potential spoilers for you), again I start playing with the controls some more, while doing this I find this really cool feature as far as player views. You can switch between 3rd and 1st person view on the fly and you can even set where you want to place the camera while in 3rd person view, and it sticks there. This might not sound like a whole lot at first but how often has the in-game camera ruined a game for you? Well this time your in charge of the view, so if you don’t like the view or angle of the camera, change it.

Lets get in my favorite part of the game now, combat. Fallout 3 brings this new combat system to the table called VATS. What VATS does is allows you to pause combat and pretty much prioritize what part of the body you want to attack, it shows you each section of the bodies health and the percentage of chance you have to hit that area. The other cool feature of VATS is not only can you prioritize what part you want to attack, but you can also queue up your attacks. This gives you the ability to attack, leg, head, head, arm or whatever you want to hit.

Another great part, for me at least, in the combat was the gore. The game is extremely bloody, every shot you do is gruesome, but in a good way. And the coolest shots you do are the ones that happen while using vats because then its all in slow motion so if you happen to headshot your opponent you can actually see their head get blown off all it slow motion and when this is happening you really appreciate the graphics too because everything looks so crisp. If head shots aren’t your thing though you can also shoot out the enemies legs (when this happens and you see them fall over because their leg was blown off its amazingly realistic looking), or even shoot the weapons they are armed with and disarm them that way.

Now while I was playing around with this game I found one of my newest hobbies that I’m looking so much forward to playing once the game comes out. I call it, Head Golf, its really more like croquet though. What you do is shoot off someones head, then equip your baseball bat, now find a far off target and see how many shots it takes you to knock the head to your target just using your baseball bat. Yes, that’s what I was actually doing while playing Fallout 3, but in my defense it was a lot of fun.

Well that’s pretty much my experience with the Bethesda booth and my experience with Fallout 3. The game was unbelievably great and I really can’t wait for it to come out. The is one game that is a must buy day 1 for me and it should also be for you too.

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