Castle Crashers has a Date

Castle Crashers has a launch date and price for the only multiplayer XLA game released this month.  The release date is August 27, 2008 and it will set you back 1200 microsoft points

Castle Crashers is a multiplayer adventure with up to 3 others locally or over Xbox Live.  Players are knights on a quest to regain a stolen idol.  As you fight your way through the various levels you gain experience points that give you the option to adjust your stats the 4 main are strength, magic, defense, agility.  Castle Crashers has over 20 characters to level up, with 20 plus levels and over 20 bosses.  Each player can unlock more than 40 weapons. 

 This epic adventure is brought to you by Behemoth. 

I like the looks of this hack and slash your way to victory with hand drawn characters and all the unlockable weapons and different levels of gameplay.


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  • Steven Artlip

    I have found my happy place 🙂

  • cephiros

    Looks very interesting but at the same time I've gotten to tighten my budget a little with all this upcoming games.

  • Scott

    That always seems to be the way it is everything good comes out all at once and then you have to pick the ones you want most

  • cephiros

    I agree, I've got PAX 2008, Rockband 2, Fable 2 LE, Fallout 3 LE, and Rockband DLC on my plate. Well, I know there will be a few weeks with Rockbands that I won't download..

  • Gemini Ace

    This is a total pass for me. The price coupled with the fact that I didn't like Alien Hominid really makes this unappealing.