Greetings, Pubbers

Hail fellows,

I go by the name of Benjamin Salmon, and I’m the fresh face here in the smoky, beer-soaked confines of the pub. During my stay, I’ll be looking to graffiti up the walls with posts about games, gaming, thinking about games, dreaming about games, lamenting all the things I have to do that keep me from games, games I love, games I loathe, great games, lame games and in-between-y games. Oh yeah, and plenty of music, too.

In between the standard reviews, news and previews, I’ll also make the time for rants, raves and maybe even the odd haiku or something. We’ve got a great space here at the pub where everything is about being real — unlike some Communist gymnastic teams I know. We’re lucky to have it and I’m going to enjoy being a part of it.

As for what I’m into these days — I’m always up for some COD4, Bad Company and Catan (seriously, I’ll play Catan anytime). I’d love to play some Ticket To Ride… if there was anybody around to play it with, that is. However, all I’m really doing is biding my time until Castle Crashers arrives.

Alright, that’s enough for now. You’ll hear from me very soon. Look me up:

Gamertag: Benjamin Salmon
Wii Friend Code: I don’t even know anymore.

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  • Sam_Levin

    How bout some good ol' fashioned Carcasonne ?