Batman Screenshots Leaked


WOW, is all I can say if this is true, after seeing the screenshots.

The story goes like this Rocksteady Studios put up screenshots for their upcoming Dark Knight crusade, Batman:  Arkham Asylum for a hot minute, then they where pulled from the site when they realized that Game Informer Magazine had the exclusive rights to unveil the game.

I really like the look of these pictures and cant wait to see more of what Batman: Arkham Asylum has to offer.



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  • Adrian

    What do you mean leaked? The screenshots were posted by the devs and in Game Informer 2 days ago.

  • Adrian

    F Game Informer's exclusivity. This game is going to rock. Alex Ross better be getting paid because they're totally using his batman head.

  • Scott

    Covers for Game Informer where out 2 days ago not the screenshots they where released on 8/15

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Not sure where these pics came from, but I read the Game Informer article. If it plays anywhere near as well as the Unleashed will, I adding another game to my Gamefly list!