Farming a Bountiful Harvest of Another Kind

Recently VALVE has been releasing major character updates to TF2 at a fantastic pace. It seems just as we finish experiencing the last update another rolls along to reinvigorate the players. First Medic, then Pyro, and now Heavy, but the way the players are getting the new weapons probably isn’t the way VALVE envisioned it.

This introduced Achievement Farming; players cooperate and take turns fulfilling the requirements for each achievement, in turn obtaining the new weapons without any challenge what so ever. I’m not going to lie, but I have farmed some of the more difficult achievements too. This behavior among players has crossed over with players who just want to play the game and not worry about a team I full of medics healing each other in the spawn. To prevent conflicts like that and to make getting the achievements even easier, servers have started popping up that are designed just for getting achievements.

When the Medic achievements came out you needed all of them to get all the weapons. That seemed a little extreme, so they reduced the amount required. For the Pyro they launched with lower requirements for the weapons and the achievements weren’t as outlandish as the Medic achievements. One could argue that the Medic achievements, requiring such specific situations to get, created the need to farm them. Let’s hope VALVE has learned from these previous updates and the new Heavy achievements are tuned accordingly.

By the way new Heavy gun go check it out.

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