Need For Speed Undercover Announced

In a shocking move by EA, the next iteration in the Need For Speed franchise will be coming this November.  This year, the Madden of racing games puts you in the shoes of a racer recruited by Hollywood actress Maggie Q.  Maggie plays a federal agent who sends you undercover to take down an international crime syndicate.

Maggie Q

Maggie, who is famous for roles in Mission Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard, was excited to be a part of the production.

“I’ve always been a fan of racing games and working on Need for Speed Undercover was an amazing experience,” said Maggie Q. “I was so impressed by the scope and quality of the overall production that goes into a videogame these days. It was like any other day on a Hollywood set; I felt right at home. The Black Box team is doing tremendous work here and I can’t wait to see the final game.”

Undercover will also bring back police chases to the franchise, something that was missing in the previous game.

EA’s Black Box is handling the development of Undercover, and will have it on store shelves on November 18th here in America and the 21st in Europe. Don’t be surprised when you see it hit every major platform, including your refrigerator and possibly your PSone, this fall.


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  • Steven Artlip

    Hottie Alert! At least NFSU always seems to pick great cover models for their games