2 Hours of FFXIII

Got two hours to kill? A couple of weeks ago, Sony and Square Enix had the pleasure of announcing a Final Fantasy XIII demo packaged exclusively with the upcoming Advent Children Complete Blu-ray (releasing in Japan in March.) However, this week the news went from fairly bland to jaw-dropping ridiculous: PlayStation Universe is reporting that the demo will be over two hours long. For those keeping track, that means the game is longer than the CG film it comes packaged with.

FFXIII Screenshot

The demo will be on its own disc, and will feature the opening segment of the game. With that sort of length, it’s a fair guess that the game save will carry over to the full retail version upon release. There is no confirmation yet of a U.S. version of the demo, but it’s safe to say that it will happen in some form or another.

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  • Sam_Levin

    How much of those 2 hours will be cut scenes?

  • Silverthorne

    No word on that yet, but based on past Final Fantasy games: lots.