Prison Break The Game?

Your favorite TV show coming to a game for you?  According to a ad on the box of the DVD release of Prison Break Season Three, a game is in the works and is scheduled to release February 2009.

The game is being developed by Brash Entertainment.  Brash has published big screen adaptations such as Alvin and the Chipmunks and Space Chimps.

Prison Break the series is about a tattoo covered structual engineer that gets himself thrown in the same prison that he designed and where his big brother is housed as a inmate, just to break out and free his wrongly-convicted brother.

I enjoy the show, but as a game I dont know how thats going to be.  Try to break out get caught and try again.  The only thing that I think will bring a different type of gameplay is that the map to get out is tattooed on your body.  Time will tell on this one once we find out more of the games storyline.


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