Game Time?

We are gamers.  What does that mean?  How much gaming do you have to do to be considered a gamer, and how much time do you have to do it?  I’m know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have enough time for gaming.  I’m also sure the rest of you have done some gaming instead of what you should do, like me.

As a father of two, rapidly approaching 40 (I’m not there yet, damn it), I find myself reevaluating my definition of how much and when game time should be.  Am I setting a reasonable example for my kids, or are they getting the wrong idea of game time and the proper limits… hell, what the f*ck are the proper limits?

Sometimes when I want to be gaming, I find myself strangely choosing to watch a movie or read a book instead, because I feel it isn’t perceived as such a total time waster.  Movies are an accepted form of escape, and books (seems no matter what the content) are raised above all media as the end all be all of existence.  While I fully enjoy watching many different kinds of movies and I appreciate all the fine points of reading books too, I’m frustrated at even my own perception of games.  Can’t we value the strengths and weaknesses of all these different forms of media?  Couldn’t they could all be considered time wasters, depending on the content?

My incoherrent ramblings stem from my deep desire to play and finish Mass Effect (and many other ‘pile of shame’ games) without loosing myself and too much time on a ‘game’.  Why was it so much easier to dovte a few hours a night to the Mass Effect book, but not to the game?  Maybe someday, the rich experience gaming can offer will be valued by the masses, I just hope it’s not wrapped up too tightly in Wii Sports, Wii Fit or Wii look stupid playing these iminanary instruments!  While I’ll admit those experiences can be fun, I would rarely consider them rich.  I think I’ll stop writing now and go play a damn game.  You should stop reading, print out the coupon above and cash it in for some good ol’ gaming… and tell them the Pub sent you.

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  • cephiros

    BDazzler, I completely agree with you. As I grow older, I do not want to play some genre's as much as I used to. I'm 27 now, and I don't play RPGs as often as I used. I mean, I used to spend all my time on them. The last rpg I was finished was Eternal Sonata and that was a couple months ago. I'm gamer, not softcore, not hardcore, I'm just a gamer. Been playing them since 1985.