TQcast Episode 41

TQcast back from Cancun and back from Rehab-News less edition, so Phuk da news (1:26) Juice comes back the same way he left on his last TQ appearance…wasted. Desz talks about his trip in paradise. Dasetup’s first lady episode was a success, Juice’s PS3 fund??? How to copy your pictures on to your PS3 using a USB flash drive. Juice hits up his local Gamestop to get his loco game on, Desz turns off the lights with Siren:Blood Curse for the PS3, Plus 2 iphone games that will make you believe the iphone is a gaming handheld. All that plus the TQ videogame, movie, album, and a very very special Cancun style drink tip that will take you to the first days of Techquila, all that plus much much more..

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Yet another showcase of supreme podcasting genius. I will be making my donation to the Juice fund within the week after hearing his committment to the Dark Side! Keep those TQ Casts rolling out!

  • Desz

    I believe Juice called in sick today. Last I heard was that he started his own playapalooza at home. That boy is crazyy!! Thanks L1t1g4t0r!

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    LoL. Wow. I go to make my donation and he's already bought the system. I guess I'll chip in $10 anyways. I still want my SingStar video!