Cro-Mag Rally iPhone TQ review

Cro-Mag Rally for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Pangea Software Inc.

You are a speedy-hungry caveman named Brog in which you race through stone, bronze, and iron Ages in primitive vehicles, such as Bone Buggy(bones), Log Mobile(log) and many others. You get to use some disposal weapons to slow down your opponents like in Mario Kart. Some of the weapons are Bone Bombs, Chinese Bottle Rockets and Heat Seeking Homing Pigeons.

There are 9 different race tracks and 11 different vehicles to drive, and also 9 type of powerups. The game is all motion sensed, so you will use your iPhone itself as the steering wheel.

Now to the TQ bottom Line

Controls: At first experience with the game I right away noticed a sensitivity issue with the iPhone as the steering wheel, either I was turning to much, or not turning enough. I definitely recommend going in to the settings of the game and moving your sensitivity a couple notches higher or to the right. It worked great for me, but you will have to test it out for yourself before making the changes. Cro-Mag Rally has vibration turned on by default, so if you are in flight or will be away from your charger for a while, I recommend you turn off the vibration feature in the in game settings.

Sound: The music fits perfect with this game. A very Mario Kart type of music, that feels just right while driving around the tracks. The sound is solid, very crisp, and the sound affects feel familiar in a good way.

Graphics: I got say, that I was very impressed with the graphics, this is one of the best looking iPhone games I have seen yet. It is colorful, detailed, and easy on the eyes. Pangea doesn’t hold back at all, they even have moving dinosaurs around the tracks that simply look amazing.

Replay Value: The game is one of my favorite pick up and play games already. Whether I’m dropping a policy or flying to Cancun, Cro-Mag has really been my go to “dropping policy game” For 6 bucks you cannot go wrong.

Changes or Wishes: I just hope that Pangea can release some more tracks and characters in the future. And maybe add trophies or achievements after winning certain races at record time or something like that.

TQ conclusion:
If you want a game as close to Mario Kart on the iPhone, with great graphics, large racing tracks, superb sound, and decent controls without dropping the usual dime on an iPhone game. Then Cro-Mag is for you. Beware that this game can give you hemorrhoids, so try to minimize the amount of time you play while dropping your policy.

7 Michelas out 10

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