Heavy Rain Veil Raised

Gamers who follow enthusiast sites (that’s you) have been hearing about Heavy Rain for two years. But up until now, not many people have known exactly what it was. The 2006 E3 tech demo was impressive for its time; the “digital actor” featured in the video reacted with realistic anger and emotion, and because of that people paid attention. Quantic Dream, the creators of Indigo Prophecy, have been toiling away on this PS3 title for quite some time, striving to create an engaging thriller set in a photo-realistic environment.

But the Heavy Rain of 2006 is not the Heavy Rain unveiled today; the game has achieved a whole new plane of graphical quality, and it’s dark, gritty feel anchors it firmly with the stereotype of a horror thriller. Just check out this trailer and see for yourself. Multiple playable characters should allow for some variety in gameplay scenarios, and the creators have specifically promised the game will include themes never before used in games.

We still don’t know a whole lot about this game, but for now the visuals should be enough to keep you all interested. Check out these two screens, the first from the 2006 tech demo, and the second from the game as it currently exists:

Heavy Rain 2006

Heavy Rain 2008

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  • Franklin

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