Playapalooza ’08 Results

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So Playapalooza ’08 has come to an end and boy was this a extremely successful event. With the help of companies like Sony, Harmonix, Southpeak Games, and Bethesda, and with the help of some of the great communities that spread the word and the individuals and websites that donated cash we managed to raise over 28,000 dollars of merchandise and cash for the Child’s Play Charity. You can see all the donations right here, as well as the amazing sites that helped spread the word here.

Playapalooza ’08, I guess you can say, was a huge success. Not only did we manage to crush our overall goal of total donations of merchandise but we did it in a great way and we managed to inform hundreds if not thousands of people to a great charity like Child’s Play.

Now if you are going to be at this years Penny Arcade Expo you can actually join us as we give 100% of what was donated through us to the Child’s Play Charity. We will be doing it on our live Platform Nation show that is going on Aug 29 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and during our show Kristen, a Child’s Play representative will join for our exchange as she will be the person we are giving the games to and then they will be dispersed to hospitals all around the world for the kids.

I would like to close this off with a special thanks towards all the people that gamed with us because you all helped us going, and I would like to personally thank our own InfectedPB503 and Chiahippo because without you two this wouldn’t have been done. You guys helped keep Platform Nation gaming for the full 50 hours.

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    had a great time meeting steve and chia! and actually had good time playing drake's (yes on the ps3, I know i'm going straight to h*ll) and warhawk (although its hard to control). Actually had fun playing H3, which is a first… so a weekend of first that i would not wish on anyone. 50 hours is, obviously, way to long to stay up all at once…

  • Scott

    Its a great thing you guys did. I applaud all of guys that participated!!