Siren: Blood Curse Episode 1-4 Review


For those of you that are in to a Japanese horror games or games that will keep you on your toes Siren: Blood Curse is for you. Siren: Blood Curse is an episodic game that is available on the PSN where you can either buy it in sets of episodes for 15 dollars each or buy the full game for 40 dollars which will get you every episode for a discount of 5 dollars.

Siren: Blood Curse is setup a lot like a tv show that is built around several key moments with several cut scenes that will scare the crap out of you. The game starts off with a scene where you watch a woman get killed in a very horrific manner and there were several people that witnessed the murder. Each one of the witnesses seem to have something to do with the story later on in the game (I don’t want to spoil anything for you).


The first thing your notice though, besides how scary the game seems is the unique visual appearance that Siren: Blood Curse offers. Everything seems to have this dark and gritty style in the game. Its noticeable from the get go and it stays along with you throughout the game. But you can tell that it was the goal of the game, they developers wanted to bring this unique feeling to the game because it all seems to fit into the rest of the atmosphere.

What also helps with the atmosphere is the audio of the game, the screaming that goes on, the heartbeats when there are intense moments, and then there is also the rest of the game audio. The audio was probably the best part of the game because it was done so well and it seemed to excel above every other aspect that covers Siren: Blood Curse. They just did such a great job immersing you into every moment and its because of the sound that you will be on your toes ready to jump at a moments notice.


Now though that I talked about on the the best parts of the game its time to talk about the of the worst parts, the controls. The controls in Siren: Blood Curse are awful. Moving your character around is a huge pain in the ass, and so is just about everything else that takes place in the game. Instead of using one of the tried and true methods of controls that you see in most first or third person games the developers seemed to want to create they own style and it just takes away from from the game by overly complexing everything.

The whole idea of what you do in the game, or at least through the first 4 episodes is you are trying to survive against these zombie like enemies in several scripted like scenes which involve things like you hiding in closets, under houses or even having to face these creatures for some combat. The levels seemed pretty similar as in you go from point A to B, hiding along the way at a time or two, and you might have to do some hand to hand combat, sometimes using weapons that you might find during the level like a shovel or 2*4, ect. In fact if your go to face one of these undead creature like things you will need a weapon or you will die, there seems to be no way to beat them when its just fist vs fist. Speaking of dying, this is something that you need to get used to in Siren: Blood Curse because you will die a lot, over and over again, but really its a learning experience to finish the levels because every time you die you seem to edge a little closer to figuring out what you are suppose to do because the goals of the level aren’t the best of ways, yes it tells you your goals but it doesn’t explain them in anyway.


Steve’s Final Word
If your looking for a game to scare you for a great price this is for you. And if your not quite sure well your in luck because you can actually just buy a third of the game for a bargain price to see if the game is for you. Yes the controls lack at times but the intense atmosphere of the game overshadows that and for me at least make the game very enjoyable. Stay tuned to my review for episodes 5-8 in the next couple weeks as I’ll let you know how the game progresses.

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