Summer of Arcade: Galaga Legions

by Erik Johnsen

In the fourth installment of the Summer of Arcade promotion, Galaga Legions re-acquaints you with a new vision of a classic arcade game.

The award-winning crew that re-invented the Pac-Man game with the Championship Edition last year are back and are giving the same treatment to Galaga.

Galaga Legions will throw massive waves of enemies at you in a stunning new visual sensory overload.

Developed and published by Namco Bandai games, Galaga Legions is available today, Wednesday August 20, 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points and is part of the Summer of Arcade sweepstakes. Just purchase and play the game, or download and play the demo, before the next Summer of Arcade game comes out early next Wednesday morning to enter.

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  • jigsawhc

    What does everyone think of Galaga Legions so far? I'm enjoying it but finding it difficult after about 10 minutes into a game.