Summer of Arcade *Round 4* – The Downward Spiral & Contest

Well the last three rounds of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade were heavyweights the likes of which we will never see again!

With Geomtry Wars Retro Evolved 2, Braid and Bionic Commando: Rearmed, released respecativly over the past three weeks, straight knock out buys; and with Castle Crashers looming next week (for 1200 MS Points) is the developers who made “Gaming History” with Pac-Man Championship Edition enough to revive, yet another, classic ’80s coin-op arcade shooter?

Keep reading to find out…


I first went back to the original Galaga just to refresh my memory as to what made the game great “back in the day”.  I had played this in the local pizza place, and think the burger joint had a sit down version also.  The Galaga on XBLA is just as I remember.  A top down button mashing arcade space shooter.  Almost like Space Invaders but with added mobility and upgrades.

Now I only played the trial of the new Galaga Legions, as I wasn’t a huge Galaga player.  When you first start the game a tutorial and demo options are available.  Thinking the “demo” option would be a jump-in and play option I selected it.  But it was actually just a demo of someone else playing!  Huh?  I thought that a little strange and as “tutorial” was my only other option I selected it.

The whole time I was thinking “Why would I need a tutorial for Galaga?”  Coming to the realization that if I need a tutorial for this game then it would be more difficult then all the previous Summer of Arcade titles put together.  After having found the exit button a new mode opened and I quickly selected it.

Success!  A trial mode of Galaga Legions.  3-5 minutes later we rejoin Infected…

Huh? That was it!?!  Galaga Legions TRIAL, granted I only played trial, reminds me of Aegis Wing, only scrolling up instead of to the right.  GL is still a top down shooter with even more mobility that was in the original.  There is an option, before starting, to have “auto fire” on or off.  Being a lazy gamer, of course, I choose on.  The fact that the option is there is quite discering!  A trademark of Galaga was the button mashing.

So after a couple minutes of holding down the right trigger and pretty much obliterating everything that came on the screen I decided that was enough and promptly started committing suicide.

The other trademark of Galaga was the abailty to control two ships at once.  Sadly this was not in the trial, although I do hear they are in there, just used a little different.

So I guess every week in the Summer of Arcade couldn’t be a A+ hit and one of the five was going to shine less then the others.  Unfourtunaly for Galaga Legions it appears it is the coulpret.  Selling for 800 MS Points ($10 USD), for me, is an easy desicion to not purchase the full game.  With no online play, no online leaderboards and other great single and multiplayer space shooters out I just don’t see a reason to purchase this title.  Aegis Wing (Free), Aces of the Galaxy ($10) are two great examples co-op space shooters.  I would recommend either of those over this title.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Go download the trial, give it a shot, and leave a comment below.  You’ll be entered in XBLRadio’s Weekly Contest for a copy of Galaga Legions (or one of the other title if you prefer)!

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