Keman Unleashed? Impressions to follow.

Force Unleashed

The Demo starts off with a short cut scene featuring Starkiller (that is the main character) and Darth Vader having a discussion about the upcoming mission, your final test. The key line is leave no survivors. You are Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, born Galen Marek. Your mission is to wipe the Jedi out of existence. You are the great Jedi Purge taking place between episode III and IV. With a heavy focus on cinematography during the cut scene, you can feel some of the love poured into this game; you feel the rest once you get to use the force powers.

Fouce Unleashed 360 pic

The force jump and force dash seem to hint at some platforming puzzles, or maybe some unlocks. One is found in the hanger where you meet your first opposition. Using the force to double jump was a feature I wanted but didn’t think would be in, it is. So is force lightning, force push, and force grab. There seem to be plenty of combos to choose from that can have a force power attached.

Force unleashed PS3

My only complaint so far is the camera when using the force, and the very fickle lock on. As you move the camera around, anything you can pick up with force grab is highlighted with a blue box, of course once you try to grab that item and move it, selector has moved to something else on the other side of the screen.

Force 360 inside

Once plus for me, and a minus for others is the start of the demo does not contain the famous black background with yellow lettering “A long, long time ago…” I have seen that almost every year for the last ten years, and the shtick has gotten very old by now. I’m ready for a fresh take on a classic franchise. So far, The Force Unleashed has got it, and I can’t wait to play it.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I absolutely loved this DEMO! I don't buy single player games often, but I haven't played a Star Wars game this good since KOTOR! I may have to Gamefly and BUY this one!!!! If you haven't played the demo, do so immediately.

  • Kosamus

    I have played through the demo a few times on different difficulty and am very satisfied with the game. Would I buy it though, probably not. I have a ton of games and now only buy games based on replayability. No multiple paths or endings, no multiplayer, would DLC even matter, probably not. I would have to say this game is a rental at best, unless you just have to buy everything Star Wars.