PSP 3000 Coming Soon

Due this fall is the new PSP, the PSP 3000. The new design will have a enhanced LCD screen that displays more colors on the screen and has anti-reflection technology.  The PSP is also rumored to have a built in microphone which can be used to access Skpe.

The new PSP due out October 14, 2008 will be packaged with Rachet and Clank Size Matters, a copy of the movie National Treasure 2 and a 1GB memory stick.  The price for the Rachet and Clank Entertaiment Package is going to be $199.  The package also includes a download code for the game Echochrome.

What happened at E3 that Sony did not unveil the new PSP or for that matter the 160GB PS3 and the new wireless keyboard attachment for the PS3.  They are coming out just in time for the holiday season, but what does Sony have up its sleeve next.


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