Duke Nukem 3D to Feature Rewind and Saved Films

From the “that’s the last thing I would have ever expected” department, it was revealed today that the XBLA port of Duke Nukem 3D will have two new features when it drops in September. The first is a rewind button that allows you to undo any major screw ups or deaths. This will be familiar to anyone that’s played a game like Full Auto or the recently released Braid. Second chances FTW!

The other feature is the ability to save films of your multiplayer mastery and share them with friends, much like Halo 3. This should give the game some extra legs that other retro releases, like Doom, have lacked.
Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem 3D is on the list of September releases and has already passed the gauntlet that is the Microsoft Certification process. No word on a price yet, but let’s hope they keep this one at 800 points.

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