Final Fantasy Fixs Fights

As reported on in September a patch is to be released dropping the time it takes to defeat a Notorious Monster. After reports of an 18 hour boss battle (Platform Nations has the only interview with Sylphet of Beyond the Limitation about said event) Square is dropping some time off of these fights. Pandemonium Warden (and associated pets), Absolute Virtue (and associated pets), and Jailer of Love will all have time reduced to defeat said notorious monsters.

The story of the fight taking 18 hours has actually gotten me to start playing Final Fantasy XI. I personally believe that Square should keep the battle as long as it was intended to be. Something’s require time to beat. If Beyond the Limitation lasted about 18 hours and had to retreat, I am positive that some linkshell out there is going to try and beat that. Don’t reduce the challenge, otherwise there is no fun. True story, my friend who just started playing Final Fantasy Xi again is level two, he forgot that he needs to check to see if monsters are a fair match or not. He played WoW so much that he thinks green is an easy kill, yellow is a fair fight, red is really difficult. He sees an ogre that is yellow. He went to attack it; the ogre total destroyed my friend. That is part of the challenge of the game. I am pretty sure they won’t fix that.

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