360 Rumors Persist

Some of you may remember earlier this month that rumors began to spread of an additional price cut on all Xbox 360 SKUs. The Arcade unit, it has been suggested, will drop below $200 on September 7th (making it $50 less than the industry-dominating Nintendo Wii.) Well, if today’s newest leak is right, the Wii has something else to worry about than just price: the new 360 Arcade may come packaged with the long-rumored Xbox motion controller.

rumored motion controller, a Joystiq affiliate, is reporting that a source close to Microsoft’s marketing department has divulged the new plan for distributing the motion controller; and in all honesty, it seems to make sense. Of course, if the new controller DOES in fact exist, it will be available separately as well, packaged along with a bunch of motion-controlled minigames (just like Wii Play.) Check out the article here, and be sure to take the advice of the last paragraph: it’s just a rumor, but its source makes it more credible than the average fan speculation.

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