You Can Now Have That Monkey You Always Wanted

So you always wanted to own a pet monkey, but you did not want the hassle of getting poo thrown at you.  Well heres your chance and it all thanks to Sony

Sonys new virtual pet Eye Pet is a responsive virtual pet who reacts to your every move, all you need is a PlayStation Eye Camera and a PS3 and let the fun begin without the hassle of cleaning up after a pet.

The Eye Pet is due out late 2009.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    This probably won't be something I'll play with a whole bunch, but I do think it's amazing. Too bad I can't have something like this as my screensaver on my computer!!! The ability to recreate hand-made drawings within the display is absolutely astonishing. This application / game is more clever than anything else I've seen on consoles yet.