Good Week for Warhawk Players

The PS3 multiplayer shooter Warhawk latest expansion pack Operation, Fallen Star will be released on August 28 for $7.99, but if you have not bought any of the expansion packs as of yet you are in luck you can get all three expansions for a bundle price of $15.99

The new expansion will include a new map Tau Carter, which is set on a island centered around a crashed Capital Ship, and lets not forget they have added a jet pack.  Once equipped with the jet pack you can still use it when you get in another vehicle, for those just in case maneuvers like ejecting out of a Warhawk or Nemesis just before it explodes.

Thats not all lets not forget the free 1.5 update that is bringing Trophies, training tutorials and custom soundtrack support.

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  • Kosamus

    I just bought Warhawk and I think that its one of my fav games on PS3, and ill def pick up the bundle