Tap Tap Revenge iPhone TQ review

Tap Tap Revenge for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Tapulous Inc.

Tap Tap Revenge is an addicting “Pick up and Go” type of game. It is very easy to play and it never gets boring, especially with new tracks released almost every week for each difficulty level. This is a music game (like Rock Band and Guitar Hero) that puts your rhythmic skills to the test, tap on each bubble as it hits the bottom line to play the note or swing your iPhone or iTouch to the left, right, or up & down when you see the arrows. Oh your friend wants to play too? No problem, this game has you covered with the two-player mode.

Bottom Line: Tap Tap Revenge is good for most peeps! It’s good for those long road trips or flights, or maybe even while waiting at the DMV! The music is great, the game experience can be addicting and the best thing of it all… the app is FREE!!! Get it right here

Listen to TQcast Episode 41 for the Audio review version

8 Michelas out 10

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