A Ridiculous Video about the West Coast Premiere of NERDCORE RISING

Every year tens of thousands gather at the Penny Arcade Expo to play first person shooters, muse over the future of MMORPG’s, debate the merits of table-top gaming, and achieve DS greatness. You’ll see all of that at PAX ’08 with one very big, very nerdy addition: the West Coast Premiere of the feature film, NERDCORE RISING.

A South by Southwest debut, NERDORE RISING is a documentary about Nerdcore hip hop and follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot on his first national tour. In the film, the most unforgettable tour stop is, of course, the Penny Arcade Expo! The movie also stars Weird Al Yankovic, Prince Paul (De La Soul), Brian Posehn (Nerd Rage/Sarah Silverman Show), and none other than uber nerd celebs and Penny Arcade founders Tycho & Gabe.

You are, therefore, cordially invited to the film that not only promises to be “hilarious & delightful” (Salon) or “a laugh riot from the first scene” (Boston Herald) but the Penny Arcade’s ultimate screening event.

Screening Details:
Saturday August 30
4pm – Main Hall
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA

NERDCORE RISING – Negin Farsad – 80minutes
Synopsis: Nerdcore Rising is a documentary that uncovers a new wave of hip-hop called Nerdcore. The film follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national tour. Frontalot and band interact with fans across the country: a special breed of loyal and super smart dorks who can’t get enough of the Front, making nerdcore hip hop a fascinating and endearingly comedic sociological phenomenon. Commentary from industry notables like Weird Al Yankovic, Prince Paul, and Jello Biafra pepper the film to examine the legitimacy of nerdcore as a subgenre of hip hop, the larger rise of geek culture, and the desperation of one MC who’s trying to achieve nerd stardom.

Director Negin Farsad is available for interviews.

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