Fallout 3 at PAX, 1st Public Hands-On

I received this email today and I really wanted to pass it on to you guys. So if your going to be at PAX you will surely have to stop by the Bethesda booth and check out Fallout 3, you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve gotten asked about this a lot so I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on what we’ll be doing with Fallout 3 at PAX this weekend.

We will have a booth at the show, and we’re planning to allow the public their first chance ever to play Fallout 3. Now there are going to be 50,000+ people or more at this show so everyone doesn’t get to sit down and play it for an hour, but we’ll have six kiosks setup in our booth for folks to come by and have a chance to take it for a spin and myself and a number of devs will be on hand to answer questions and talk to folks. We’ll also be giving out handy Vault Dweller Survival Guides to everyone that stops by the booth. Plus, you have to come by and checkout the Airstream.

On Saturday at 2:30pm we will be giving a new Fallout 3 demo in the Main Theatre. This is right after the Main Theatre session where Gabe and Tycho draw a strip. Our demo will be pretty lengthy and shows a lot of stuff most folks haven’t seen. We may have a chance to do a short Q&A with folks, I don’t know. Between the demo and what we have planned after the demo, we may be pretty short on time. If you like schwag, I wouldn’t leave early.

And speaking of demos there will be a new Fallout 3 gameplay video coming out on Friday that will be a very condensed version of the PAX demo for everyone that doesn’t get to come see it, and to whet the appetite for everyone that will be coming. Look for that online on Friday. Those of you that are interested in hosting it on your sites, we’ll give you an FTP where you can grab them in advance and get everything prepped.

Finally, on Saturday night we are sponsoring a Post-Apocalyptic Movie Night. It’s at 9 PM in Raven Theatre. The movies to be shown are voted on by the Penny Arcade fans, and right now it looks like 12 Monkeys and The Road Warrior are in the lead.

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