Summer of Arcade *Round 5* – The Finale

Well its hard to believe that another summer is almost over.  With younger gamers on there way back to school next week its good news for the older gamers.  Either young or old if you’ve been participating in Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade you have been playing some of the greatest games, available in retail or digital download, that have been released in a very, very long time.

Starting with Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 it was clear XBLA was going to be firing on all cylinders.  You still here stories of people trying to be “top 6 of my all friends” or “trying to get the wax-off achievement in an act in insanity” and will for a long time.

Round 2 was, arguable, a bigger hit then Geo Wars 2.  Braid sparked a lot of controversy with its high price but in the end it seems the gameplay is going to win out and make this platformer a must own.

Round 3, The Greatest Day in Gaming History, was not just a remake of a NES classic, but a complete redo with huge improvements.  Bionic Commando: Rearmed turned into an instant classic that if you have not bought, do so NOW!  Yes we could use the better d-pad but practice in the more then 60 challenge rooms will have you swinging like it was 1988 all over again.

Round 4… Well they could not all be stellar games and we all knew that one out of the five would be on the bottom.  Its the nature of gaming and Galaga Legions was feed to the meat grinder.  While it will find its niche will previous Galaga gamers it is by far the least anticipated game in the Summer of Arcade.

Then we get to this week.  The final week in the Summer of Arcade (although summer still has 3+ weeks left) sees another highly anticipated title released.  Having been played at the last two PAX’s, by our own Steve519, it appears Castle Crashers may be the best of all.  Why? Impressions below!

Yes its Castle Crashers!  The first, and therefore, only game in the Summer of Arcade to have on-line multiplayer.  What is Castle Crashers?  Before 2AM PST today you would have needed to be one of the lucky few that have played it to know; and then they can’t really describe it so go download the trial and see what the buzz is all about.


Brought to us by The Behemoth, the developer who also brought us Alien Hominid HD, Castle Crashers has been something only rumored about in myths and whispers.

My Trial Experience is here:

The XBLRadio Video Show

As you can see by the above video.. OMG! what a lot of fun this is.  As I stated in ustream chat while doing the “All you can quaff” mode, where you rapidly press the x and y buttons to eat certain food, I type for a living, who you think is going win and did! With Arena, the above mentioned mode, and regular, up to 4 player co-op local or online, I think this is the winner of the Summer of Arcade and invite you all to join me in playing some.

One of the things that sets Castle Crashers apart from most games is the art style.  The hand-drawn characters set in a High Definition environment combined with numerous unlockable characters and even more unlockable weapons there is almost an infinite ways to customize your hero.  From there you’ll be able to take this hero on Live for 4 player battles; also included is the local 4-player options.

As with all previous Summer of Arcade titles, we at XBLRadio will be giving away a copy of Castle Crashers.  Actually as I forgot to pick a winner for Galaga and would not wish that title on my worst enemy (I sure some of you like it) we will be giving away 2 copies of Castle Crashes!  As always go download the trial, give it a shot and leave a quick impression below or send it to [email protected]

This also enters you in the Summer of Arcade Sweepstakes for a grand prize 100,000 MS points.  Good Luck to all and if you win *cough* [email protected] *cough*

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