Microsoft’s PAX 2008 Meet and Greet

Here is some info on the meet and greet that Microsoft is doing. If your able to go I urge you to stop by. Unfortunately with my schedule it just doesn’t work but if you can go, hit me up and tell us how it was.

Well, we’re finally doing it. I’ve talked about it on my show for the past six-months and now is the time. If you are in town tomorrow (Friday August 29) swing by the Meet-n-Eat at Red Mill Burger at 1pm PT. Before the doors open at PAX at 2pm join us and enjoy one of the best burgers in Seattle (and perhaps the country.)

Who: Me, e, litheon, Trixie360 some of the Gamerscore blog folks and who ever else we can round up from the Xbox team
What: Great burgers…need I say more?
Why: Because you need to eat
Where: The Red Mill at 1613 W Dravus St in Seattle [+1 206 284 6363] (Directions)
When: Friday, August 29th from 1pm-2pmish.

Best hamburgers. Ever. Really. Come see for yourself

A couple of things to keep in mind:

This is a casual, unofficial get together so we’re all ‘Going Dutch

They accept cash only. They do not take any form of plastic (that means no credit or debit cards.)

The rules of the establishment say ‘No cell phones, please.’ They mean it…turn it to vibrate and don’t talk on the phone when you are in the building or bad things happen (or so I’m told)

You must try the Onions Rings

I know it’s a bit of a hike away from PAX, but it’s worth it.

See you Friday!


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