Server Crashers

Behold what weeks of frenzied anticipation and foolishly putting “crashers” in a game’s title hath wrought. One of the most anticipated XBLA titles in the service’s history has had its launch crippled by a hideously broken online component. Legions of gamers who have spent the day in their classes, cubicles, long-haul trucking cabs and coffee shops frothing at the mouth as they waited to get home and crash some castles ended up crashing the servers instead.

Attempts to join both quick and custom matches end in failure, as do efforts trying to create one. It’s a damn shame.

But before we all go crazy and condemn The Behemoth and Microsoft for a 1,200 MS point disaster, take a deep breath. There’s no true way to test these things until they hit market, and clearly Castle Crashers has failed its first test. While message boards are being set aflame by posters breathlessly declaring Castle Crashers to be “teh suck,” it’s a safe bet that the folks at both companies are feverishly working to take care of this. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved sooner than later.

If you’re like me and bought this puppy right out of the gate, you can suck up the crushing disappointment and take a shot at the single player. Find your favorite knight and level him up. Or read a book. I hear Bill Clinton gave a hell of a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Chop up the audio and make a hilarious meme. At about the eleven-minute mark, Bubba gives you “long, hard” for free.

If you haven’t bought it yet, I strongly advise you to wait.

Whatever you decide to do, have a little more patience until this fiasco gets fixed. But if we’re not crashing castles by the weekend… Viva la Revolucion!

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