A sign? Xbox 360 gets price cut in Japan.

by Erik Johnsen

The Xbox 360 will get a price cut of almost 30% in Japan. The Xbox 360 Arcade SKU will drop its price to ¥19,800 ($183) which puts it well under the cost of the Wii, ¥25,000 ($231), and the Playstation 3, ¥39,800 ($368).

Additionally, the Pro and Elite models are expected to drop anywhere from ¥5,000 to 8,000 ($46 to $74), however, no details have been given at this time.

While this doesn’t mean much for the U.S. consumers, it does give a little more momentum to the belief that the 360 will be getting its own cut here in the States and Europe very soon.

Sources: Gamasutra & JCN Network