Castle Patchers: XBL Hit Getting Patch

Any gamer who has played Castle Crashers since its release last Wednesday can likely attest to the game’s broken online multiplayer system. Well, this weekend at PAX, Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth akcnowledged to Joystiq that they recognize the problem and are working on a patch. When asked about the issues, developers Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin stated:

“This was something that never came up in testing and now that there are problems with the Live release we’re looking into it. We had six hour play sessions and nothing ever came up.”
“When we went through testing, Microsoft approved all our network code and we had no problems at all. There are those things in real world scenarios that we couldn’t account for. Just look at Call of Duty 4 when it came out, you couldn’t play for a week straight and now it’s fine.”

While no specific time frame was laid out for the patch release, the developers stated that the problem had been identified and would be fixed as soon as possible.

Castle crashers screen

In a rare double-whammy, Fulp also noted that some downloadable content for the game is in the works. However, he stopped short of disclosing any details, stating only that “Well, there’s plans but we have nothing to announce right now.”

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  • Steven Artlip

    great, i can't wait for this patch so we can get some more fun online gaming in