Tony Hawk’s Motion

Tony Hawks Motion for the DS is due out in November, not only is there twisting, tilting and turning skateboarding, but they have added snowboarding to the new Tony Hawk Title.

The Nintendo DS does not feature a built in accelerometer, but thats O.K. the upcoming skating game comes with a motion pack that sits inside the GBA slot of the DS.

Tony Hawk and the motion sensor bundle will sell for $39.99 and that includes a second game, Hue Pixel Painter.  Hue Pixel Painter is a puzzle game that has you play as Hue and you job is to take him through his epic journey to change the landscape from dull to colorful.

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  • Mark (Plymouth)

    It seems activision has seen that game sales spike if a new plastic add-on is needed. This is no doubt to stop the piracy issues usually links to hand-helds. I suspect that the addition of guitar grip/buttons for Guitar hero on tour helped the DS version become a top seller. If the inclusion of a motion pack for Tony Hawks helps push sales in the same way I can see many developers looking at ways to package in essential add ons that mean you can not get the full experience without purchasing the game to get the peripheral. It will be telling to see how subsequent editions of Tony Hawks and Guitar hero match upto the these first DS titles with the original peripherals packaged in the box.