TQcast Episode 42

TQcast EP42

TQcast EP42 Completely dark side now (1:50) Juice enters the dark side weeks ahead of schedule, his first impressions of his new beautiful Dark console. Halo 4 in 2011? PSN cards finally hit home, PS3 trophy addiction. How to download video and audio directly from Youtube. Resistance(PS3) gets a michela review, Uncharted(PS3) gets a michela review, LAX gets michela review, Star Wars Clone Wars movie is a promo!! 4 brothers from another mother, but same mother. Coco Loco for your 21st B-Day,plus your video games, movies, LP, and drink tip of the week, plus much much more…

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    (I was trying to post this on, but I'm having issues with the site loading.) First, I donated $10 today to the Juice "SingStar" Video campaign. Look for the donation with the weirdest last name…that will be mine. I definitely agree with opinions on the Wireless QWERTY PS3 Pad…it's hot…the price is not. I suggest Transformers for the Blu Ray of the week. I bought it last night and it was worth every cent of that $25.00. Shoot 'Em Up is over the top fun to watch though. I do have a question for you guys though. Do you think the Sony should make each trophy have a progress bar so you know how much longer you have to acquire it? It would be perfect for some of Uncharted's trophies which require to you kill 50 people with a specific weapon. Lastly…I wanted to thank both of you for putting out a no-nonsense podcast. You tell the truth whether good or bad about the PS3. People do need to know there's more than one option for gaming and thanks to TQ Cast, more and more gamers are getting a thorough education. Keep doin' what ya doin' cuz ya do it so good!