Special Edition Resistance 2

Similar to the Grand Theft Auto pre-order you get quite a few goodies with your pre-order copy of Resistance 2.  It is the little things that matter, like that key chain I still use from the pre-order. I use the lock box to store my pro wrestling mask in it. The copy of Grand Theft Auto IV I don’t play that much. An art book I looked through once maybe twice.

So I didn’t get that much use for the extra $20 on GTA IV, but your Resistance 2 pack comes with some cooler stuff. Sure there is no chainsaw gun, but at least some of the stuff looks cooler around your house.

Now with this offer of spending an extra $20 you get the following. Special Resistance 2 cover art on the game box. Which is about as exciting as watching paint dry. There is also a double-sided art book covering “war-torn America from two unique perspectives.” The fact they added a subtitle to the art book is just strange.

Also comes with bonus DVD with a behind-the-scenes video, a preview of an upcoming Resistance 2 novel, a Resistance chronology video, and a digital copy of issue #0 of the Resistance comic. This sounds better used, you have a digital copy of a comic book, that when becomes unreadable you can watch on Youtube. Chronology video for all you Resistance Junkies that need your history fix on a fictional world. You can’t forget about the behind-the-scenes video on the DVD. There is also an issue #0 of the Resistance Comic book on the DVD.

Personally I believe the novel of a popular series serves it best when done correctly. I love to read those Resident Evil novels that have came out. I like Resident Evil so much that I like the books that are sometimes just completely wrong.

There is an exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin. I have not the slightest clue on what the means or stands for.

Best part is the Chimera Hybrid action figure that was created by DC Unlimited. This is probably the hook for most people. You get an action figure of a creepy enemy. Of course depending on your imagination, this may or may not be moving in the middle of the night when you try to sleep.

All together a pretty solid pack of goodies here. If anything you are getting a deal because action figures can run pretty high. The rest of the stuff is hit or miss though.  Quite frankly I don’t think the rest of the pack holds its own. The DVD is full of things you may or may not watch. If I had to make a choice between an extra $20 and stay at the $60, I would go with the $60 version.

I should mention though, if you get the special edition you will be invited to play the Co-op and multiplayer beta that starts in October.

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