PN @ PAX ‘08 – Saturday’s Live Show Recap

Our official hosts on today’s show include GamerEdie from, InfectedPB503 from, BDazzler from and Cephiros from

Huge apology to Mike Pepe and our listeners because the first 10 minutes of this show were lost, the part you missed was the beginning intro and some really awesome Deca Sports talk.

Today’s guest are:
Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing from Hudson Entertainment Inc.
Christa Phillips, aka Trixie360, Xbox Live Community Manager for Microsoft.

And our topics are:
Deca Sports
Bomberman Blast
PAX day 1 night
Xbox Live Experience
Questions for Trixie360
Mirror’s Edge talk
Dead Space impressions
End War
Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 version talk
Could Little Big Planet become a system selling?
Games not at E3
Listener questions
and a whole lot more

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