PS3 Official Headset

The PS3 is compatible with almost any Bluetooth headset, but now you can own a officially branded Sony Bluetooth headset that gives you detailed information onto the PS3’s on-screen display.  The new headset has been unveiled by Sony in Japan and will hit Japanese store shelves on October 30 for 5,000 yen ($46).  The headset is expected to arrive in North America shortly after the Japanese debut.

Wait, if $46 for the stand alone headset is to steep for you, the same headset will be packaged with SOCOM: Confrontation for a price tag of $60.  So for 14 dollars more you also get the upcoming multiplayer only game, and that release date for the SOCOM bundle is October 14 sooner than the Japan release of the stand alone headset.

Sony is making a big push lately for system add ons and I think it is about time.  Will I buy the headset? Probably, but I would get the SOCOM bundle just because of the price difference.  The headset is similar to the Jabra headset that was packaged with Warhawk but this one is Sony’s official headset. The downside is the USB charging cradle, I would much rather prefer a regular old plug in the wall charger but I do like the look of the charging cradle.

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  • warezIbanez

    Well, I hope that this isn't a journalism website, because I found a few grammatical errors in this page. Anyway, I do oppose your thought on the charge cradle- it practically turns the headset into a desktop microphone, which can be proven handy after gaming for a couple of hours and you still need to "stategerize." (Yes, I had to borrow that word from a famous politician.)

  • Steven Artlip

    I do to love the idea and why they are setting up the charge cradle. Its a great idea and it looks extremely sleek. I was lucky enough to get some hands on time with the Socom headset at E3 and there was not a single negative thing that I can/could say about it. Best headset out there for the ps3.

  • Kosamus

    My puppy ate my $70 bluetooth headset, I think its time for a new purchase. Socom seems like a good answer since I already own Warhawk.