Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition

This is what you get:

  • Copy of Resistance 2 with special edition cover artwork selected by the fans
  • An exclusive Chimeran Hybrid action figure with Bullseye, created by DC Unlimited
  • A double-sided hard-cover Resistance 2 art book covering war-torn America from two unique perspectives
  • Exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin

The collector’s edition also contains a bonus DVD that includes:

  • Exclusive behind the scenes video, “America Forever Lost”, chronicling the making of Resistance 2
  • Digital copy of Issue #0 of the Resistance comic book series published by Wildstorm.
  • A preview into the upcoming Resistance novel, “Resistance: The Gathering Storm” by science fiction author William Dietz.
  • “Shattered History” Resistance timeline movie– providing a story overview from the earliest days of the Chimera invasion to the beginning of Resistance 2.

According to the Sony blog this package will be a limited release, so make sure to pre-order if you are a hard core Chimeran lover. $79.99 is the price. The game is scheduled for release sometime in November with Public beta in early October.

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